71RAYkpBieL._UY200_Meet Caroline

“Beautiful smiles begin on the inside “

Caroline Baggaley was born and raised in Montreal, Canada, where she received her B.Sc. Her desire for helping those in need was the catharsis that led her to write a series of children’s books in addition to the inspirational, and award-winning novel, “When Angels Die”. Red Wine & Alibis was a fun (and very much fictitious!) way for her to escape the difficult and painful tasks of writing her non-fiction books. No matter the genre in which Caroline is led to write, her style of writing comes straight from the heart. She is currently living in the Southwestern part of the United States and shares her home with her 110 pound dog, Lio.


My Inspiration My Strength

“The deadly journey of a thousand miles ends with a rising rainbow and singing butterflies “

Caroline Baggaley is the mother of two grown children who always continue to inspire and amaze her. Her boys are her source of strength and patience, and they continue to teach her how to enjoy and cherish even the smallest moments in life. “Great things can be accomplished by trying. If you don’t try, then you will never know all of life’s possibilities,” is one of her favorite sayings.


Big Bag of Interests

“Eclectic interests, and positive outlook”

Caroline Baggaley keeps her body, mind and soul balanced through her daily practices in Tai Chi, Yoga, and meditation. She enjoys the water and is an avid hockey fan, Go Canadiens!! She loves to travel and to experience different cultures. She would be hard pressed to leave Paris off her list of favorite places considering her love of French cuisine and fine wines. Her next destination, which has always held a great fascination, will be Saint Petersburg, Russia. Talk about a rich culture!


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