Letter to a Monster

By Caroline Baggaley

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Rape, abuse and childhood sexual assault are the worst crimes. A person’s life is shattered in every possible way and it can take years, even a lifetime, to find the missing pieces and to put them back together again.

Most people do not truly understand the complete devastation that a rape victim lives with, or the journey taken towards healing in order to move forward from being a victim to a strong Survivor – and there is a difference. While writing my first book, When Angels Die, I quickly realized how helpful, empowering and cathartic it truly is to put everything down on paper.

Through writing, I was able to reclaim my voice; I wanted to help other Survivors reclaim theirs. I called upon Survivors and asked them to write a letter directed to their abuser. I was humbled by the wonderful response. Letter to a Monster is a compilation of journeys, from beginning to end, and the end result is much the same theme: Just as Superman always wins, Survivors WILL prevail!


Just WOW – a must read.

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