By Writer’s Digest,November 5, 2014

The difficult transition from being a crime victim to a survivor is vividly detailed in this engrossing story of a woman brutalized by a sadistic rapist in front of her young children. In chilling detail the author describe the prolonged scene of the vicious assault and all the trauma in dealing with medical and police follow-ups. Similarly, the stages of the recovering process are painstakingly captured. Good use of interior monologue helps in revealing the thoughts of the author as she strives to overcome nightmares and flashbacks. Post traumatic stress disorder, attempted suicides, and therapy also poignantly enter the difficult recovery steps. The final ability and resilience of the author and her family-especially her children-to reclaim their lives is touching. The dialogue is credible and helps to envision the characters. The court scene, sentencing the criminal to 50 years, is well done. Strongly-written letters to the Texas Department of Justice against parole of the rapist are very effective in showing all the emotions involved in the original case and prospects for more rapes if the prisoner is released. The first-person writing is candid and unsparing, while also providing pointers to readers on how to avoid such terrible experiences. It would be worthwhile to insert a table of contents and give a name to the chapters. The title of the book, and the cover image, are both intriguing.and create curiosity. But consider a subtitle that reflects the book’s theme.


2A Very Powerful Book, August 4, 2012
By Nancy M 

This book is very powerful. Riveting, fast moving, horrifying and yes, even amusing at times! Once I started reading, I was unable to put it down until I had finished it. It shows the human spirit in it’s highest form depicting an innocent mother’s extreme courage, selfless love and devotion for her children and their love for her while undergoing brutality beyond belief – and surviving to help other people in a similar predicament. To this day, they must still work to protect themselves from these “people”. In my opinion, this is contrasted by the personification of evil and human filth in the form of the rapist and his cohorts. On a practical level, I do believe that society would have been better served had they all been hanged in public rather than the rapist serving time in jail with cable television and internet at taxpayer expense. On a spiritual level, I am sure there’s a special place in hell for them and the laws of karma will not be defeated. This book is a must-read for all. Bravo, Caroline Baggaley for your admirable courage and strength in exposing a very painful situation in order to help other people.


2A book you can’t put down, July 17, 2012
By Judith garrett

This author has a gift for expression and clarity. She goes beyond the external manifestations of anger and shows us how to deal with the internal source of rage and fear. We live through her experience and truly understand that bad things do happen to innocent people. We understand post traumatic stress disorder in a new light and how it sets a path for a life of pain if left untreated. I found my heart very moved toward the end of the book. This book gives us hope and courage as we watch a family work to unleash the demons that had moved into their lives. I want to read more of this author and feel this could be the first in a series of books about the work and insights that happened in their recovery. Ultimately this is a book of hope. it is also a great title. and very befitting.


2Heartbreaking & riveting, July 17, 2012
By Jeff Christopher

Wow! This book was given to me as a gift. I started reading it one night, and could not put it down until I finished reading it in the wee hours the following morning. The book describes a brutal attack, – it’s amazing she and her children even survived – what life was like after the attack for her and her children, and how she put the pieces back together. I don’t think things ever go back to normal again, but it’s amazing to know you can pick up enough of the pieces to create a “new normal” for yourself and your family. I’m disgusted at how broken the justice system is because nobody who survives something like this should have to spend the rest of their lives campaigning to keep this kind of monster behind bars. I think this book is also about hope, because without hope how would she and her family have been able to cope and thrive after this brutal attack. I hope to read more from this author!!!


2A powerful self-help book for victims of unspeakable acts of violence, July 21, 2012  By Michael S.

This book provides a real-life account of how a young, single mother of two boys survived a horrifying attack in which the mother — the author — was left for dead. The book also describes the multi-year aftermath of the attack and the effect it had, and continues to have, on each of their lives. Fortunately for everyone, the perpetrator of this unspeakable crime was caught and convicted. This book is written brilliantly. Its cover is mesmerizing; its title is captivating. The book also fills a void in the literature of self-help books — none others of which I am aware describe such a horrific crime so powerfully and so personally. In the end, the reader is left with hope for the future and a sense of optimism that the strength the author found within herself to survive resides in all of us. My thoughts and prayers and best wishes go out to the family.

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